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Streaming Best proudly presents the most powerful Pay-Per-View solution available online.  The Pay-Per-View module is ideal for individuals, small businesses, celebrities, independent film makers, and more who seek a streaming  platform that will allow them to generate revenue!

Pay-Per-View Module Features:

  • Single Video –Allows the viewer to purchase one video at the price you set.
  • TV Channel Line-up – Viewers make a one-time payment to access a list of predetermined videos.
  • Global Programming – A Global purchase provides access to more then one predetermined TV Channel Line-up.
  • Password Protected – As the title suggests, a password is needed to access the broadcast.
  • Free Viewing- Viewer will be able to play the broadcast free of charge.
  • Advanced Sales – (coming soon).




Let the stream pay for itself! The StreamingBest player platform allows you to add your own sponsors.  Members, Family, Friends, or Corporations can sponsor your broadcast. You set the cost and we provide the tools to make it happen. With our modest prices you will find that your sponsors not only pay for your broadcasts, but you’ll quickly recognize additional revenue for your organization.



Have you ever wanted to own your own TV Network? With Streaming Best you can and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, you can have it for pennies on the dollar. Plus, with a Streaming Best’s iTV Network you can recognize additional revenue from programmers who join your network.



StreamingBest’s Referral Program provides credit to your account. Refer 3 churches that sign up for a 1 year service agreement and receive a 50% discount for your services, each month. Refer 5 churches and your service is FREE!



StreamingBest’s affiliate program is known to be one of the most lucrative commission based income referral plans of its kind. Affiliates are paid a monthly 16.5% commission for all sales for the life of the respective contract, up to one full year.   If you have a web site or a social media site or email, you can make big money! Just by directing traffic our way via a custom affiliate banner that we create for you. It will keep good track of all your sales. When a potential client clicks on your banner and signs up… you get paid when they pay… each month… for each and every client!!  See how that quickly adds up.  Click here to sign up today. It’s FREE!