Streaming Best Graphic Design Policy

STREAMING BEST,LLC is committed to providing quality graphic design work that originates from independent skill and effort.

As needed, STREAMING BEST will use existing materials that are deemed common in the industry, such as fonts, shapes, colors, content, text and any and all other information required to complete a design task or herein referred to as graphic design.   This does not negate the originality of the design work even if this common practice results in an original design resembling work previous in existence.  STREAMING BEST does not warrant that a design that is the same as or is similar to the one designed by it, but of which it was not aware at the time of its creation, does not exist.

The STREAMING BEST graphic design license is a non-exclusive, personal, irrevocable and royalty-free license to use work created by STREAMING BEST .  Therefore, all graphic designs provided by STREAMING BEST remain with STREAMING BEST by default, as outlined here in the STREAMING BEST Graphic Design Policy and according to the law as it is currently framed.

Any and all graphic design work created by STREAMING BEST is provided with a limited license to keep production costs low.  At no time may the CLIENT change or recreate, or redistribute the art work in any form, except through the use of the STREAMING BEST duplication service. At no time may the CLIENT tamper with or change the graphic design work created or provided by STREAMING BEST.  CLIENT may not sub-license any and all graphic design work created or provided by STREAMING BEST.

The CLIENT may request a copyright transfer agreement and pay all applicable fees, including the notary .  At that time, STREAMING BEST will relinquish all original art work and assess a release fee.  STREAMING BEST will retain the right to display the graphic design in any and all STREAMING BEST portfolio, web sites or publications.

Relinquished art work includes the following files:

  • Design Specs
  • Rendered full size .jpg
  • Rendered full size .png
  • Source file in an editable PDF.

Once payment is received, a copy of an executed copyright transfer form is sent to the CLIENT  If payment for any graphic design service is not made in accordance with the payment policies of STREAMING BEST then all of the CLIENT’S rights in and to the graphic design created for it, including any trademark property, will immediately revert back to STREAMING BEST.


“CLIENT” means the person, firm or company placing an order with STREAMING BEST.